Sunday, March 1, 2009

Things I Need and Blog Game

So I have been following Karen's and Susan's site on a fun little journey of finding out what they need and a blog game that offers your blog followers a chance to get a little something for following you.

So what does Mary need? (go to google and type in your name followed by needs i.e. "Jane needs")
-to determine a day to work my magic (hmmm...this could be good)
-more exercise (but if I have magic can't I just poof myself skinny?)
-a booking agent (I guess once I poof myself skinny, I'll be ready for movies...maybe the next Bella)
-sleep (must be from long hours on the movie set)
-numbers (I guess I'm in high demand so the pay has to be good)

Blog Game:
Back to the blog game. The blog game is that you make and share things with 5 people who post to your blog.There are rules, but like Karen and Susan, I've tweaked the rules a bit:
1 - I make no guarantees that you will like what I make.
2 - What I create will be just for you, but you can give it away if you choose.
3 - It'll be done around the end of March up to Mid-April.
4 - You *can* choose what you want it to be.
5 - Share the love!

What do you get? :
A handmade card OR a hand-crocheted scarf both made by me (stamps and colors used are up to me but hints can be given)

To enter, just post a comment to this post on what "(your name here) needs" and whether you would like a card or scarf. Post by Friday, March 6. I'll draw 5 winners on Saturday, March 7.

Oh and it is snowing here! We have 5 inches so far. I'll try to take a picture before/if I go to work tomorrow. Ohioans would laugh at this snow, but for Southern Marylanders it is going to shut down the city. I'm not kidding.


karen said...

OOh! So hard to decide!
Hmm.. I want a mary scarf!
I've seen your card magic, now I'd LOVE to see what your talents will produce for me to wear!!


*Susan* said...

Mary, you know what I need ...

all your love and money! And a handmade scarf! (anything but orange or yellow or neon; not pretty against my paleness ha-ha!)

HEY, you can work magic! So just wave your wand and the scarves will be done! Just remember us little people when you're a big star.