Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One Year Blogaversary!

I can hardly believe that it has been a year since I started blogging and that was due to many of the gals in the Sisterhood swap group had started them. I couldn't be left behind and I was very curious about this blogging stuff. OMGosh! I was blown away at how easy it was to get started and the friendly interface. Back when I was in college the whole internet thing was just starting to boom and they called these sorts of things homepages. Every detail had to be coded. I remember looking up color codes to give my page some pizzaz. Now all you have to do is pick from a color box. That is sweet. BUT for those that want special are still able to get your coding fix.

Anyway...onto the first post used Hanna Stamps that is why I included the adorable fall Hanna. My first design team experience was The Greeting Farm, therefore the Limited Edition Hippy Anya. My title revolves around coffee and stamps "A Latte Inkin' Fun" so what better than to add a coffe themed stamp set. Some of my initial favorite papers to use were K&Company and Basic Grey(this has since expanded to Sassafrass Lass, Cosmo Cricket, and October Afternoon). I've included a 6x6 Indian Summer BG pack and a 4x6 Citronella K&C pack of paper. There's a cute little Sarah Kay stamp. A Studio G $1 stamp(For some reason I kept thinking about Homer Simpson and that donut). There is also a weathered wood distress ink that is good for adding a little dimension around the edges of cardstock(a technique I need to work on). Plus a few other goodies will be thrown in. I'll let those be a surprise.

So what do you have to do to have a chance at this Candy? Just leave a comment telling me what your favorite stamp company is and how you got into blogging. I would appreciate it if you linked my candy on your blog, but it isn't necessary. My daughter will draw a name November 4th around 6pm EST. The winner will be announced the next day. Good luck and thanks for visiting my blog.


kadie said...

Ooooo pick me! Pick me! :) Congrats on your 1 year, Mary!! How exciting!!
I will link up this awesome candy!!

My fave stamp company is The Greeting Farm and I got into blogging basically the same as you (from our sistahs) but I had already started a personal blog and then was encouraged by other card bloggers and our little group to start a separate card blog. And that's the story! I enjoyed reading about your firsts and how you came up with your candy! Congrats again! I'm going to channel Olivia now so she'll pick my name!

Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

It's so very close between Greeting Farm and Mo's Digital Pencil, but I think I'll go with Mo's because I kind of prefer digital stamps.

Wow, it's hard to remember how I got into blogging. I think it was through LiveJournal. I still keep that up for general everyday things, but then I started the stocking stuffers blog because I always thought it would be neat to have a real-life stocking stuffers store, and a blog is much cheaper and easier way to do almost the same thing but just for fun! I also have a separate blog where I review books and the occasional movie.

I'll post a link to your candy in my sidebar. Thanks!

Stef H said...
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Stef H said...

wow! that year went zooming by. i had my blogaversary last month. i started because i was curious to what everyone at SCS was talking about and i just love it. have made some awesome friends and have learned oh so much. AND, i found you!

my favorite stamp company is .... too hard to say. i love diversity and i use everyhing i can get my hands on. or can i say..... my own digis?????



Diana said...

Oh lady!!! Congrats congrats congrats! A year full of some super spectacular and beautiful creations!

I started blogging because of a good friend. She sent me links to blogs and I was interested. I tried a couple times and seeing the challenges and the candies and everything - too fun!

OMG, my favorite stamp co? I don't know if I can do that. Bellas were the first "designer" type stamps I bought ... but TGF, magnolias, WOJ... if I won the lottery those are the 4 companies I would *for sure* buy out! Oh, and Sugar Nellies... ACK there is just too much wonderful out there.

Juanita said...

Congrats on the one year anniversary.
Right now my favorite stamps are Anyas from The Greeting Farm. My friends Jennifer and Mindy got me into blogging. I started mainly to play along with Twilight Tuesday, but have branched out and now play along with many other challenges.

Mary said...

Hi Mary!

Congrats on your blogoversary!!! My favorite stamp company? I don't think I can narrow it down to just one favorite. I like the Greeting Farm, Magnolia, Elizabeth Bell stamps....There are just too many great stamp companies out there to narrow it down to just one. :)

I got into blogging because I was a was always on the Creating Keepsakes message board and I noticed that alot of people had links to their blog. It took me a while, but I finally got curious and decided to take a look at some of them and I got HOOKED! I absolutely love blogging. I just wish that I had decided to look alot sooner than I did.


JoAnn V. ( said...

My favorite stamp company is The Greeting Farm - I love Anyas and Ians!

I actually started blogging in '99. I was a HUGE 'NSYNC fan and all of my internet friends had blogs - it was the cool thing to do... Since then I've had blogs about my family, my life, food, scrapbooking, and now stamping. :)

Happy blogoversary!

Catherine said...

Happy Blogaversary, Mary! (ROFL on the "homepage" flashback! I remember thinking only the super nerds had those! Now look at all of us! LOL!)
I absolutely cannot pick a fave stamp company - there are just too many that are soooo wonderful, and I discover a new one every week! But I can tell you what made me start my blog: When I was still getting me feet wet with SCS, a gal put out a call for blogging friends, and the response was so overwhelming that it spawned over 20 (at last count) Sisterhoods of Blogging Stampers, and I joined the 2nd Sisterhood (aka SBS2). Our group is pretty defunct now, but there are a few of us who still visit each other on a regular basis.
Of course then I started swapping, and you know the rest.
Congrats on your blogging & stamping success!

Jenny said...

Happy Blogaversary! Glad you are blogging- you have great projects! My fav stamp company right now is Your Next Stamp, but Pink Cat is a very close second, followed by The Greeting Farm and CC's Designs, and Two Scoops Rice! There's so many to choose from!


Sparkplug17 said...

Stamping Bella is what got me hooked to rubber stamping. I started as a CTMH consultant and as a scrapbooker, but Bella out me out of that demo rut.

I started blogging in 2001 when I was 18 and heartbroken, lol. I kept with it while I was in college so all of my friends near and far could keep up with me. I didn't start blogging my artwork until 2006 and haven't looked back. I started on Live Journal and switched to Blogger just last year. But I'm happy with it!

Thanks for a fun chance to win and happy blog anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogaversary! Wow, one year already?! Distressed ink??!!??!! I'm always learning something new from you. BTW, I'm about ready for that paper cutter you've been talking about.

Hmmm. I got into blogging after following the blog of a sick family member who eventually passed away. I now keep one to journal my memories with the kids, and I started just after you did, so my blogaversary is coming up too!!! YAY! I wish I had started sooner. I'm slowly starting to share my cards on my blog every now and then too. You inspire me most.

Tell Olivia to draw my name! I want that cute coffee set! ;)

michib said...

Happy Anniversary! I don't have my own blog yet - but I love to check out your blog and many others for inspiration.
I got into stamping through Stampin' Up, but through the blogs I stalk (lol) I've discovered some wonderful stamp companies; Verve, Taylored Expressions, Lizzie Anne Designs and Unity just to name a few. I had no idea there were so many stamp companies out there! I think it would be hard to pick a favourite as they all have their unique styles.
Thanks for the chance to win.

connie said...

Congrats on your 1yr blogaversary! I don't have a blog. My favorite stamps are CTMH since those are the only ones I have now other than a few I picked up at Hobby Lobby.

Chrissy's Creations said...

Happy Blog anniversary!!!
Wowm hard to pick a favorite ... probably Unity Stamp Co. with TGF a close second. Oh they are all fabulous and I wish I had them all. lol

I started blogging with a bunch of other ladies through Cafe Mom and one of their groups 360 project. It's been great ... I'm not a everyday poster but I love taking time to blog when I can!
Hugs, Christine

Kristina Lewis said...

Happy Blogaversary! I started blogging with Amuse about 2 1/2 years ago. I now love Greeting Farm, Unity, Papertrey and I still love the Bellas! Thanks for a chance to win some great candy :)!!

Jessica Diedrich said...

Wow! A YEAR already? CONGRATS my friend! Well let's see-my fave company I'll just say BESIDES TGF b/c that's totally a given is Unity I'd say...followed by TE. it's SO hard to pick a favorite!

I will be coming up on my 2nd Blogaversary in Feb...hard to believe! So glad though that we all share this in common b/c I've met some wonderful peeps including YOU!

*Susan* said...

Hey sistah! Happy Anniversary! {HUG} I love how you used some of your "firsts" to choose your giveaway goodies!

Well you know I got sucked into the world of blogging like most of us in The Sisterhood did: by letting The Sisters talk us into it. LOL! But it's been fun and I enjoy lurking around and admiring all the creations.

I don't think I can pick one fav stamp company but I'll narrow it down to The Greeting Farm & Bellas & Magnolias & Peachy Keen & Whiffs & ...

Congrats on a great blog, and continued success with your stamping adventures! {HUG}

Loz said...

Have added a link on my candy sidebar list...
I started blogging so that I could enter my cards into challenges, to challenge myself using all the different theme, colour combos etc. I'm addicted now!!
My fav stamps are, Forever Friends (so cute!), House Mouse (so cute!) and Magnolia (so cute!). See a trend here!?! Thanks

MiamiKel said...

YOu are just the sweetest :) Happy Blogaversary! Can you believe it's already been that long - where does the time go!

Thanks to most of you, I got into blogging so I could keep up! LOL! I was excited to join into the world of blogging and finally took the jump when the owner of my LSS said it was the "wave of the future" :)

Favorite stamps! So hard to choose! There are so many different ones and for so many reasons, but I'd say TGF ranks up in the first top 3 for sure :)

Big hugs to you on this wonderful milestone!

Rosa Forino said...

It would be great to receive such a gift! Thank you for this opportunity. saluti dall'italia
public tomorrow the post on
my favorite stamp company is .... too hard to say. i love diversity and i use everyhing i can get my hands on. Sorry my english

Claireabelle said...

Congrats on your 1 year blogaversary!!!

Jennifer Stricker said...

Happy Blogaversary! Wow, one year already?!

I have so many I like, but I guess my favorite is
Heartwarming Vintage.

I got into blogging because my husband suggested it. (I think he got tired of me running downstairs saying "look" all of the time). He wanted me to show others the things I create.

Thanks for offering up the awesome blog candy. It is always fun to get some new stamps into your collection.


Tasha said...

Happy Blogaversary!

Wow fab candy - ill be sure to put you on my side bar!

My fave stamp co is - TGF of course! Fell in love with them instantly in jan and am pretty much addicted! lol
I got into blogging after surfing the net for great craft shops - one had a blog and then i found a whole community of like minded crafft folk - i had thought i was alone lol! Its so nice having people to share my ideas and (lackof) creativity with as my friends and family dont care lol!

love tasha xx

SSR said...

Great candy! My favorite co is TGF. I haven't started blogging yet, maybe soon. Congratulations on you bloggaversary!

Sandra MacLean said...

Hey Mary!! Congratulations on your blogaversary Mary!!! I don't know how I missed this giveaway and I think I may have missed my own!!?! I'll post it on my sidebar for sure! Well, as you know, my first stamp sets outside of SU were Hanna Stamps and the Domestic Goddess set and I got into blogging because Kristi asked me to be on her team. It's pretty hard to be on a team without a blog these days, so I caved. :)

Leah l'Orange said...

happy blogaversary! i love that you've put so much thought into the gifts you're giving away - each little item has some meaning in relation to your blogging experience. that's just lovely!

have linked you up in my sidebar, and shall be returning for inspiration! your blog is fabulous!

my favourite stamp company - it changes from week to week - seems to wobble between CC Designs and Stamping Bella, but i love so many and just can't get enough!

congrats on your milestone, and here's to more exciting years ahead! :)

Judy McMullen said...

Wow! Congrats on your one year blogaversary, Mary! Your blog is one of my favs and your cards are always inspirational but most important is the friendship and generosity of spirit that you give to all of us!! I'm so glad you're in my life!!!

JPScraps said...

Congrats on the 1 year! Favorite stamps...Unity :) but I do love all brands

Denimo said...

WOW!! Great candy! I'd just LOVE to win it!!! You ask a tough question. I guess I'd say my absolute favorite is Stamping Bella. So many cute stamps to choose from. But there are many, many close seconds. :)


Theresa said...

Hello Denise,

I came to your blog from Sandra's blog. I'd gladly post your candy to my blog if I knew how! I'll try to figure it out. I am new to blogging (maybe 5 months). My sister has me on her DT for Tuesday Morning Sketches and I generally post for that, but I am finding I enjoy posting my other cards when I can.

As for my favorite stamp company - it's There She Goes. I just love Jessica's sets they bring me great joy.

Thank you for the opportunity to win.


Theresa said...

Sorry for the 2nd post, I feel like a dope! I was trying to see how to get your blog candy onto my blog that I typed the woman's name above my post.

My sincerent apologies Mary.

AleCreativa said...

Auguri per il tuo primo anniversario! Speriamo di vincere il blog candy!
Saluti dall'Italia!!!

Charlene said...

I don't have ANY of these stamps so it would be stupendous if I won!! :) I posted your candy on my sidebar HERE. My fav stamp co is Stampin' Up because they have so many different sweet stamps. They have all occasion stamps and their sentiments are so cute. I have other fav's to, Unity Stamp Co, MFT, Magnolia, Shirley's 2 Girls and Greeting Farm (but I don't have any of their stamps yet!) I know, I need to get with it. ;) Thanks for the chance!

Bram_fam said...

My absolute most favorite stamps are all the ones from TGF. I can't get enough of them and wish I could get some of the ones that aren't shown on the site anymore (do they retire their stamps?). I love visiting all the blogs that use these stamps. They have the best ideas for using them.


Holly said...

Congratulations!! I would have to go with Greeting Farm and Magnolia, but there are so many more I want! Thanks for the chance!

♥ Audrey ♥ said...

Congrats on your first year! Came across our blog via Friends with Flair and enjoyed seeing your creations.
My favourite stamp company at the moment is Unity.
I think I started blogging way back in 2006. Can't remember how I started but it was then like an electronic diary for me. Now, it's more a creative journal. Will no doubt link your blog candy to mine.

jennifer mitten said...

Congrats on keeping up your blog for a year!! My favorite stamp company, or at least the one where al my money's going right now, is Unity. I happened on stamping by accident a few months ago when I was trying to figure out how to do something to a card I wanted to make and look at me now:-) Lots and lots of stamps....Love your blog - you've got some adorable creations! I'm linking to my blog as well - not half as good as yours, though:-)

Tina Mayo said...

That is the best candy EVEAH!!! My personal faves are b\t the greeting farm, & Unity..never had Hanna stamps b4 buy they look really cute. Thanks for the awesome giveaway..crossing my fingers and hope I win!!

Gwen said...

Just found you going through the Unity FWF hop! Unity is definitely my favorite stamp company. I stumbled onto blogging early this year as I got more into card making. I am really fighting total addiction!!
Thanks for a chance at your celebratory blog candy!

Anonymous said...

My favourite stamping company is Magnolia. Thank you for this opportunity-here's hoping

Marcy H said...

Congrats on your year anniversary!!! I currently don't blog. But am a huge fan of UNTIY Stamps!!! I have tons of them that i have collected over the past year!!! They are my favorite Company at the time!!! Their KOTM's get better & better each month....

Thanks for the chance at your great candy!!!

lindalee said...

Happy Anniversary!

I love trying all the companies out! I watch and see what appeals to me also. And I am one of those blogless people!
Thanks for the chance to win such great candy and you and your talented work are an inspiration! said...

happy blog b-day!!
I love all the stamps, now I made my self my stamps!!
I blogging because I love to share my creations...
thanks for the chance to win! I've left a link on my candy box

hugs from italy

Unknown said...

My favorite stamp company is the greeting farm because Anya's and Ian's are the cutest stamps I've seen so far. I love the whimsy nature of them and one can fit any occasion, theme or mood. I love reading blogs to gain new ideas and have been reading them since the times of zanga, wayyyyy before friendster and facebook days. I have yet to make one for myself but one day when I have the time, patience and energy I plan to! Thank you for the opportunity to be entered to win such fabulous prizes.


gocanucksgo said...

Happy one year!!!! Thanks for doing such a fantastic giveaway! My favourite stamp companies right now would be Papertrey Ink and Unity, however it changes constantly. I started blogging just recently. I figured I should let the world know that I love making cards (although they aren't as good as yours!!). Keep up the fantastic work and thanks =)

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogoversary!
I added a link to your blog on my sidebar. Because I would love to win your awesome candy! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

Anonymous said...

I have been scrapbooking and card making for about 10 years, mostly for personal reasons and sharing. About a month ago I discovered the world of scrapbooking and card making bloggers. I knew that blogging existed, but WOW. Even though I do not have a blog as of yet, that will be corrected soon. In the meantime I truly enjoy reading and looking at the inspirations that exist in this world of blogging. My favorite stamp company is Inkadinkado. Thanks for considering me for your sweets (candy).

Have a good day...Gloria

Annelies said...

Happy Blogoversary! I started reading other people's blog as a beginning stamper/scrapbooker and wanting to get inspiration. After a while I thought it would be nice to have my own blog to share my creations and it's so much fun (although I'm not such an active blogger as I have to many hobbies and to little time).
There are so many great stamping companies nowadays. I think Magnolia is definitely one of my favorites, but also Whiff of Joy and Penny Black.
I've put a link in my sidebar . Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

Monika in VA said...

The answer to those 2 questions & (also, how I found your blog) is Unity Stamp Co. I absolutely their images, their KOMs, their awesome customer service, & they are the nicest bunch of people around!!! I didn't even consider having a blog until I found Hip Hop this summer... and the rest is history!

Gabby said...

OMG Mary...your sweet candy just gave me a cavity! Ok I'm's all the candy I've been eating since last CONGRATS on your blogaversary! Aint it sweet to see how far you've come? I've been doing it for 2 years and I'm sure duper happy!

To answer your favorite stamp company as of a year back or so...The Greeting Farm! I just LOVE those stamps! Can't get enough! I started blogging thans to Maria Diaz of Stamping Inspirations. Her work motivated me to go for it and as I've followed her and found LOTS of amazing bloggers...have pushed myself to improve my work.

Once again HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY and thanks for the chance!

Gina Lindsay said...

It's hard to chose a favorite stamp company, but Shirley's 2 Girls would probably be number one closely followed by Hanna Stamps. Both work well with my quirky sense of humor but can also look more sophisticated.

I started blogging a little over a year a ago because I kept seeing all these challenges that would say post to your blog. I also new if I started on that it would motivate me to create on a more regular basis. I am so glad I did, I have made so many new friends through my blog and reading others.

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Hi Mary
Thanks for the chance to win this fab candy. Those stamps look great. I couldn't pick just one fave stamps company as I love Sugar Nellie and Whiff of Joy equally. I got into blogging because a friend kept nagging me to start a blog so 5 months on here I am and loving it. Marianne x

Kathy H said...

Congrats Mary!!! I got into blogging by Visiting Utube and I found a blog video of Kristina Werner and then I wanted my own. Before that time, I never knew that blogs existed... Thanks for the chance, Kathy Hering

Domna said...

Hi,Mary! Congrats!
My fab stamps are Prima Marketing stamps. I got into blogging because I want to get some more scrap friends.

Link on my sidebar. Thanks for the chance to win!

Shaz said...

Hey Mary Congratulations!
My favorite Stamp company is The Greeting farm.... I am sure it will change if a few months but whatever.

I started blogging to show my friend what I have been up to. You know sharing ideas and stuff.

Kimmie said...

Hi Mary

Congratulations with you're blogaversary!
My favourite stamps are the Greeting Farm and Magnolia, because they so adorable!
You can make a lot of funny cards with it and can use many different colours.
I've put you're candy into the sidebar of my blog and became you're follower.

Thanks for the chance to win!


Unknown said...

great candy blog!! I want to win!! ...I hope..I like the greeting farm andElizabeth Bell stamps..

Kimmie said...

Hi Mary

I was forgotten to tell you how I got into blogging...
A friend of mine was started with blogging and asked me off I want to start a blog too.
We shared the same hobby so it's nice to sharing something like this too. And we are more in contact with our blogs.


My CountryRoom said...

Happy Anniversaryyyy
Hi ... I'm an italian stampers ... This is my first blog candy and I have linked your blog candy from my blog's sidebar ...
Thanks for the chance to win!
byeeee and thank you so much ...

Milnie said...

Happy Blogoversary!
My favourite stamps are from the Greeting Farm, sooooo cute!
I was surfing on the web and found the great world of blogging!

Thanx for the chance!

KarenB said...

Happy anniversary!! My favourite stamps are Autumn Leaves - I am addicted to all kinds of journalling block stamps, probably because I got into stamping through scrapbooking. I don't have a huge stamp collection but it is growing, LOL! I also got into blogging the same way ~ as a way to share my creations all in one place rather than uploading to galleries all over the place. Thanks for the chance at some blog candy. I don't think I've got any of the stamps you've listed there.

My CountryRoom said...

I'm an Italian Girl Stampers ... my name is Enza ... Excuse me my english ... :-P
I like your blog and your candy it's fantastic ...
Thank you ...
your link is in my blog ...
See you soon ... :-)))

Nataša said...

Thank you for the chance to win this fabulous candy. I've put your candy picture with the link in my sidebar .
I love Inkadinkado stamps. I started blogging this summer, when I made may first few scrapbook layouts and cards.
hugs, Natasa

noga said...

hi, i'm new in this so i don't know many, i only have some from martha s.
thank you for the candy

HazelQ said...

Hi Mary, thank you for the chance to win this fabulous candy! You're so sweet :)
Well it's really hard to pick just one stamp company because I have a lot lol but some of my favorites is the Magnolia Stamps, CC Designs, The Greeting Farm stamps, Hero Arts, and others.
I got into blogging a couple months ago, I actually started crafting like a year ago when I wanted to create an scrapbook album for my boyfriend, so I visited several blogs to get ideas and then I decided to create my own blog :)
May you have a wonderful day and congratulations on your blogaversary! Ohh I almost forgot, I linked this candy on my sidebar.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mary! I'm sooo tardy but I made it - LOL....

Favorite stamp company - oh gee - nothing like a hard question. I love so many: Sugar Nellie, TGF, Penny Black, Peachy Keen and then we have to do Mo's Digital Pencil. I could go on all day!

And blogging - well all you sistahs did that. What a great way to share all our ideas and creations.

Congrats on your anniversary!


scrapbygladys said...

Congrats on your blogaversary.
My favorite stamps are Sugar Nellie and Magnolia.
I started my blog after seeing many card makers' blogs.
Hope you pick me!

Marisha said...

Hi, Mary! Congratulations with the anniversary blog! I wish in more creative inspiration!
As I got to my blog? Friend told about Scrapbooking (2 years ago), gave a few options - on blogs, on forums ... It's all become very interasno, wanted zledit for all events, write comments. So this was the first goal - to your list of blogs and monitor new messages)
Sidebar Link

Stampin Mindy said...

Happy Blogoversary!

My Favorite Stamp Company has to be Magnolia, I started blogging when I became a SU! Demo I'm not a demo anymore it's so funny to go back on my blog and see how much I have improved. Have a great day! I will link your candy on my sidebar!

Amanda said...

Congrats on being in blogland for a whole year! Doesn't time just fly?!
My favourite stamps are from Flourishes. I just love them and plan on collecting them all.
I started blogging because I wanted to enter for some blog candy and could not because I did not have a blog. And now I just love living in blog land.
Thanks so much for the chance to win all that yummy candy. Off to link it on my blog right away.

~*Joni said...

Oooohhhhh Mary!! I love this idea of all of your favorite things! :D What an awesome mix of wonderful companies, and such a great reflection of you.
The reason why I started blogging was because of TGF (Splendid Stamping back then). After a hiatus of blah card making, I came across Marie's site over a year ago and was re-inspired. Thus the blogging world opened up and I've loved it ever since. HUGS TO YOU!!

Elena said...

Happy Blogaversary, Mary! You are an amazing crafter! And I am so glad I met you through the bloggging land!
Thank you so much for the great give away!
My favorite company is TGF! Always and forever, no questions there! :)
I started blogging more than a year ago... Why? I don't know, just wanted to share my craft with others, wanted to tell people why I like to do it, wanted to meet new friends, wanted to learn something new... Now blogging means a lot to me!

Kathy H said...

Hi... I forgot to include my favorite stamp company... One is Hannah Stamps and following next would be Unity Stamp Co. I see many choose the Greeting Farm but I have none of them yet! Thanks again, Kathy Hering

JenRaff said...

Happy one year Blogaversary! "Met" you through The Greeting Farm and love your blog! I don't have a blog but kind of thinking of getting one started. My favorite stamps are TGF (!!!) and then anything with Elizabeth Bell and There She Goes Clear Stamps are great, too.

Heike's Creativeplace said...

Wow, Congrats on your 1 year. The Blogcandy is wonderful, thanks for the chance to win. I've linked you on my sidebar....

My favorite stamps are The Greetings Farm and Hänglarstamps.


Heather D. ~ Fresh Brewed Designs said...

WOW!!! What a great stash you are giving away!!! Someone is gonna be a very lucky blogger :o) Serves me right for being a busy bee all week/weekend!!!
Congrats on your bloggaversary! Can't wait to see what you bring to the year ahead!

Mary Giles said...

Comments for blog Candy from this point on is now closed. I do appreciate all the comments that everyone has left. I will announce the lucky winner tomorrow.