Monday, July 26, 2010

Guess the Feet Winners

We have a winner! Thank you all for playing along. It was sooo much fun reading everyone's responses even if nobody got all the answers right. I thought maybe you all would switch up answers from blog to blog, but you didn't have to be right to win the candy.

I hope you all had a great weekend. My was super busy starting with Friday. We had our front door replaced on Friday(now I have some painting to do), I had a beginners digital photography class on Saturday, and then Sunday is always household chore day. I did manage to get a bunch of coloring done over the weekend. So once I get my images to cards I should pretty much caught up from what has been a very busy summer. And hear I thought I was going to be taking it easy. LOL. Of course now all the fall activities are just around the corner. I will be glad when fall gets here because I'm tired of these muggy 95+ degree days.

Well back to the winner of the blog candy from my blog:  Spicy Cat Chick(doesn't that screen name just bring a smile to your face?) had this to say "What a FUN time, thanks for sharing. I love your card and think it's a hoot about the matching toes. As they say, great minds....okay, here's my guess to the BEAUTIFUL women to match up with their super cute feet:

1 – Kadie
2 – Mary
3 – Sandra"

Please contact me by clicking on that "Contact Me" link in my left side bar. You win the classic set of large and small oval nesties. Woohoo! I hope you all had fun. Tomorrow I'll have a sweet Sparklie challenge for you. Have a fabulous day!


Ms. Jen said...

Congratulations! This was alotta fun!

Heather D. ~ Fresh Brewed Designs said...

WOOO HOO!!! Congratulations Spicy Cat Chick (had to write that :) Great fun name :) hehe!) Have fun with your candy!!!

Cathy Spicer said...

WAHOOOOOOOO from the Spicey Cat Chick. HOW fun to win, even though my guess was wrong. You guys totally messed with our crafty brains. I'll email you momentarily.

I'm glad people like my name. It's more fun that just Cat Spicer. I thought it was fun since my DH and I have 6 kitty babies and I have a love for spicy food - must be in the name! So happy to win and this was a fun challenge.

karen said...

hehhe.. I can't believe I got it wrong!! but as I said on Kadie's blog.. that just means I'll have to see them IRL one day!