Thursday, July 22, 2010

Card Kit Fun and a Game

Hi all! It has been a while since my stamping girls Kadie and Sandra have done a card kit together. We started these kits as a way of "stamping" together since we live in different parts of the country. Each month one of us will send out a kit with an image, papers, and embellies. Then we will post our creations on the same day to see what we did. I am always blown away by the creativity of their finished products. We haven't done a kit in a while because we have all been sooo busy, but when the girls came to visit me in Maryland Sandra brought this lovely kit with her. Kadie finished her stunning card. Sandra and I got our images colored. So this time we actually got to stamp together and I loved every minute of it. This is a picture of us at a quaint little restaurant close to Downtown Baltimore called Mama's on the Half Shell. The basement is lonely without you girls.

We also decided that we would have a fun little game for our followers with prizes on each of our blogs. So you'll want to be sure to leave a comment before 9:00pm EST on Sunday to be eligible. What is the game you may ask? All you have to do is leave a comment matching the foot number to Kadie, Sandra, and Mary(me). One winner will be drawn from each blog. So here are the feet:
You might have noticed that we are all wearing a similar colored nail polish. That was not planned, but it sure was funny to see it. Okay so what are you going to win from our blogs? Here are the three sets of prizes. One prize will go someone from each of our blogs.

Pretty sweet little treats do you think? Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you have a wonderful day. Now go see what creations Sandra and Kadie have for you.


Mette said...

Lovely card. Sweet colours and even sweeter image. Love the simplicity of the card.
No ideer whos foot is whos so not even gonna guess but it does remind me to make my feet summer-ready hehe.
Hugs, Mette

Heather D. ~ Fresh Brewed Designs said...

This is SOOOOO SWEET!!! I love your papers, those heart topped pins and the way you colored sweet little Emma. I know you girls had a wonderful time together. It makes me smile to think about it!

I am guessing
1 Kadie
2 Mary
3 Sandra

That was hard! lol!!! Either way, so much fun and such cute little footsies :D ha!

Have a great day Mary :D

Ali said...

Love the card. Ooooh going to have a go at:
1. Mary
2. Sandra
3. Kadie

Theresa said...

Your card is darling. I love seeing your card kits. The pink is just fabulous.

Here is my guess:

#1 Mary (you)
#2 Kadie
#3 Sandra

Ms. Jen said...

What a great way to keep in touch and scrap together too! Looks like my guess is different but here goes:

Mary - 2
Sandra - 1
Kadie - 3

How fun! Thanks for sharing such a sweet story!

Hugs - Jen

FarHai said...

Your cards are always stunners.

1 Kadie
2 Mary
3 Sandra

Judy McMullen said...

Mary, your card is adorable! Wow! Sandra, really gave you some great papers, embellishments and sweet image to work with. So happy for all of you to be able to spend time together especially papercrafting time. Would love to have watched you all creating your masterpieces!! Love the pix of the matching toes. My guess is:
1 = Kadie
2 = you, Mary!
3 = Sandra

Barbara Sproatmeyer said...

This is too funny! :-) Looks like it was a fabulous day! Here are my guesses: #1 Kadie, #2 Mary, and #3 Sandra.

Cathy Spicer said...

What a FUN time, thanks for sharing. I love your card and think it's a hoot about the matching toes. As they say, great minds....okay, here's my guess to the BEAUTIFUL women to match up with their super cute feet:

1 – Kadie
2 – Mary
3 – Sandra

Margo said...

Your card is so summery looking - beautiful!
My guesses are:
1- Kadie

kadie said...

Hey Mare! I had such a blast getting to watch you color too and this kit card turned out SO CUTE! I really love that you incorporated the little snowball bling...I couldn't figure out what to do with them considering everything else that was going on with my card! I also love love that you did the bunny brown and that super cute sentiment is a perfect match!
Thanks again for a fabulous trip and I'm eagerly awaiting the next. Miss you girls already!

MiamiKel said...

OMGosh how funny! I love the little tiny foot the best *wink, wink!* Gorgeous cards - looks like you girls had so much fun!
I'm going to guess:

#1 - Kadie
#2 - Mary
#3 - Sandra

and wee princess Olivia as #4 ;)

Big hugs!

Tasha said...

Oh sounds like you guys had a fab time. love the card, the paper are gorgeous, such fab colours and i love the cute image. Fab layout too.
I think your foot is #2, Kadie is #1 and Sandra is #3
love tasha xx

Nina said...

This is gorgeous!! So cute and fun!

Here are my guesses(this time i'm pretty sure) :
1) Kadie
2) Mary
3) Sandra

Have a nice weekend!

Elena said...

What a sweet card!
I am so glad that you had a chance to meet each other and had some crafting time!
Like the picture of the foot!
Here is my guess:
1. Kadie
2. Mary
3. Sandra

RiNNE said...

What a cute card and an even sweeter post!

1 - Sandra
2 - Kadie
3 - you!

LORi said...

Ohmy goodness girlie...this is adorable!! I am honored that you all picked Sweet Emma to accompany you in your kit adventure!! Thanks bug bunches!!

oh Goodie I get to guess...Super fun!

#1 - Kutie Kadie
#2 - Marvelous Mary
#3 - Sensational Sandra

HUGS Girls- LORi

Anonymous said...

Oh my what a clever way to trip us up (o;
My guesses are #1 Sandra, #2 Kadie #3 Mary.
Just love your cards, your colors and textures really attract the eye.
Thanks for the chance to play & win

Cassie_lu said...

such a sweet card

Mary’s feet #2
Kadie’s feet #1
Sandra’s feet #3

karen said...

Hmm.. I think
#1 is Kadie
#2 is Mary and
#3 is Sandra =)